Mission Statement

Value Leader
RoadTel Communications, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best value in all products and services we provide to our valued customers. Our rates, service and product quality are (and will remain) second to none.

Highest Customer Service
RoadTel Communications, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest standards in its interactions with customers and the public. We will exceed our customers expectations each and every time we interact with them!

RoadTel Communications, Inc. will always act fairly in our dealings with customers and vendors.

About Us

RoadTel Communications was founded in 1993, by David Allen. He has continued to run RoadTel with a continual focus on quality products and services at great prices, with a strong emphasis on exceptional customer support.

RoadTel has been able to continually bring quality products and services to market by utilizing the same Product Development Team. This team is made up of the same group for 17 years. It includes an accountant, an entrepreneur, a trainer, a technology guru, an efficiency specialist and an operations expert. Together, this team has had numerous successful product launches.

When the Product Development Team first gathered in 1993, they focused on the telecommunications industry. Knowing that the telecommunications industry was ripe for start-ups to force prices down and service quality up, they developed a discounted phone card. The first RoadTel launch, RoadTel Discounted Phone Card, was so successful and such a great value, it was written up and recommend by Money magazine in September 1998. RoadTel was a leader in the early days of long distance and phone card price decreases. All customer service was done in the United States.

In 2000, RoadTel’s Product Development Team followed up with the launch of SurfBest Internet. SurfBest, a dialup internet provider again led with great pricing. SurfBest was $12.50 per month. At the time, AOL led the market at $20.95 per month. SurfBest provided a better product, a better service and superior USA based customer service with a 40% savings. The SurfBest division of RoadTel was sold in 2004 to Trip.net, Inc. of Houston. At the time, SurfBest serviced over 100,000 customers.

After the sale of SurfBest, RoadTel began consulting for ISPs, including the new owner of SurfBest, Trip.net. Trip.net is a Houston based internet company, with ISPs, hosting companies and cloud computing companies in its portfolio. RoadTel ran the day-to-day operations of Trip.net and all of their divisions, along with leading their acquisitions department. RoadTel continually cut costs, through efficiency and contract negotiations, improved customer service, through training and procedure improvement and improved product/service delivery.

In 2008, RoadTel’s Product Development Team once again saw a need in the market and developed a superior product to meet that need. This led to the 2009 launch of MyCopyBox. MyCopyBox is the premier automated computer backup solution available anywhere. No other automated backup solution stores encrypted data in two different geographic locations using top tier data centers. This gives MyCopyBox customers complete confidence that their data is safe, secure and always available to them. With the continued emphasis on superior customer service, MyCopyBox growing quickly.

In 2010, with a significant reduction in charitable giving, RoadTel’s Product Development Team developed a unique and innovative way for non-profit organizations to raise funds: SupportMyOrg.us/demo.

SupportMyOrg is a web page that non-profit organizations distribute to their members. Members set this page as their home or start page. The center 80% of the page is set to any web page the user wants, such as yahoo.com or cnn.com. The left 10% is dedicated to user defined favorite links and organization information, updateable by the organization. The right 10% is dedicated to 20 or more shopping links. Whenever a user uses one of these shopping links to make on-line purchases, their organization receives a commission.

Some organizations have shopping links on their site, but often times members forget to go there before shopping, so the organization does not receive any funds. With SupportMyOrg, the shopping links are always right on the member’s start page. Take a look at SupportMyOrg's demo site to get a complete feel for this unique and innovative fund raising method.