Mission Statement

Value Leader
RoadTel Communications, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best value in all products and services we provide to our valued customers. Our rates, service and product quality are (and will remain) second to none.

Highest Customer Service
RoadTel Communications, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest standards in its interactions with customers and the public. We will exceed our customers expectations each and every time we interact with them!

RoadTel Communications, Inc. will always act fairly in our dealings with customers and vendors.

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RoadTel Communications, Inc.

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USA Customer Service

Throughout RoadTel’s 17 year history, all customer service employees, in fact, all RoadTel employees have been located in the United States. Studies have shown that customers are far more satisfied with customer service, when it is provided in the United States. Although, there is a significant cost savings to out-sourcing customer service, RoadTel believes customers are far too important to just 'take the cheap way out.' Instead, RoadTel has concentrated on becoming more efficient and ensuring that they answer each customer's inquiries correctly, the first time. Keeping customer service in the United States has proven to be the right direction for RoadTel and its customers as RoadTel customers give them a 97% satisfaction level.