Mission Statement

Value Leader
RoadTel Communications, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best value in all products and services we provide to our valued customers. Our rates, service and product quality are (and will remain) second to none.

Highest Customer Service
RoadTel Communications, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest standards in its interactions with customers and the public. We will exceed our customers expectations each and every time we interact with them!

RoadTel Communications, Inc. will always act fairly in our dealings with customers and vendors.

RoadTel Services

Concentrating on quality products combined with exceptional customer support and services that consumers want, RoadTel has experienced seven successful product launches since its founding in 1993. RoadTel's product development team recently developed and launched SupportMyOrg. SupportMyOrg.us is an innovative way for non-profit organizations to raise money.

RoadTel was founded with the three guiding principals for each product launch: First, always be the value leader; Second, always offer exceptional customer service; Third, always be responsive to the customer.

RoadTel Products


SupportMyOrg.us is a web site service developed in 2010, to assist non-profit organizations more easily raise funds. A non-profit can earn funds when its members use specialized shopping links to make online purchases.

SupportMyOrg gives each non-profit it's own customized web page with customized shopping links. Members of the non-profit can use this web page as their start page. Members can customize the center section (representing 80% of the page) of the page with any web site, such as cnn.com or yahoo.com or anything else. Ten percent of the page is dedicated to 20 or more customized shopping links enabling the non-profit to earn funds. The remaining 10% of the page is reserved for the non-profit to post news about its organization. You can see a demo or learn more.


MyCopyBox, launched in 2009, is the premier automated computer backup service available anywhere. MyCopyBox backs-up all of your important files, financial records, pictures, digital music, videos, spreadsheets, documents and more for you daily and automatically! Just point-and-click on the files/folders you want to back-up. Set MyCopyBox to back-up your files every day and that's it. MyCopyBox silently and securely takes care of the rest for you.

All backed up files are encrypted, with a password only known to the user, before any data leaves the user's computer. Two copies of the encrypted data is then stored in two geographically dispersed locations in top tier data centers. Giving the user complete protection and piece of mind. You can learn more here.

ISP Consulting

In 2000, RoadTel launched SurfBest, a dialup internet conenctivity provider. In 2004, RoadTel sold SurfBest to Trip.net, a Houston internet provider. Trip.net retained RoadTel to continue managing SurfBest and Trip.net's other dialup, DSL and hosting properties.

Along with maintinaing the highest possible customer service standards, RoadTel developed and led Trip.net's acquisitions program, customer service excellence program, cost cutting program, business development, marketing and all day-to-day operations. Recently, with RoadTel continuing to lead the acquisition department, Trip.net recently (2010) acquired an $8,000,000 cloud computing company.

RoadTel consulting is not limited to the hi-tech industry. RoadTel consulted for a large restaurant supply company in regards to site location, business development and marketing.

RoadTel consults on both short term and long term projects. Some of the areas we have consulted in, include: Acquisition Due Diligence; Cost Cutting, Efficiency, Business Development, Improving Customer Care and more.

You determine the goal and we will help you meet and exceed your goal.